Make My Nikah

Tying Muslim singles together in goodness. The Muslim matrimonial application that puts religion first

The internet and social media has made it easy to meet anyone these days, but harder to find the right person. How do you find someone who aligns with your beliefs and do it in a way that doesn’t compromise your integrity? Make My Nikah is founded by Islamic scholars and callers to Islam who have carefully envisioned what a truly Halal matrimonial application would look like. It not only allows you to communicate with the integrity we are asked to bring as Muslims but prioritizes making your future marriage work with ample support from verified relationship coaches and educational material to grow your understanding.

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why we're different
Customer service
We hold ourselves accountable for the platform we created. That’s why we offer continuous support to all our users. All your calls are recorded and subject to review on your request.
No membership fee
Our model works on verified and scheduled calls which are paid individually. If you find someone who interests you, you pay for a call with them. No unnecessary chats with everyone and anyone. Sisters using our application receive monetary rewards for each call they receive.
Verified profiles
We created a stringent process of verifying profiles that involves a combination of verification processes.

Specialized Coaches for Family counseling and help you find the right spouse

Navigating the marriage space can be difficult and it’s hard to know what to look for and how to present yourself. Unlike other matrimonial applications, we care about your future success in finding the right spouse, that’s why we created this one-of-a-kind platform for our users.


Educate yourself through our educational platform- Academy

Browse through the wealth of educational videos we have put together from a variety of reputable and knowledgeable preachers and students of knowledge. Solely created to educate you about all things marriage related.


Exclusive Webinars with Ali Dawah

Join exclusive webinars with popular YouTube preacher, Ali Dawah discussing important issues surrounding marriage in Islam and finding your future spouse.